studentsWorth every penny. That's how students at Oxford Middle feel following their school-wide efforts to give back and make a difference. Oxford Middle students recently hosted a Pennies 4 Patients drive to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Greater Kansas City, raising approximately $4,700. Designed as a competition between fifth hour classes, students were encouraged to bring their own pennies and coins to contribute to the cause, and the support was overwhelming.

"We thought we might raise around $2,000, tops," said assistant principal Courtney Domoney. "We are so proud our students took this campaign seriously and saw some great examples of our students' and community's generosity."

The enthusiasm to give back and make a difference in the lives of others was contagious - from a student who donated $150 of saved babysitting money, to a boy who gave his entire allowance, to parents of a cancer survivor who were so grateful for the school's efforts to raise awareness that they donated $1,200 to Pennies 4 Patients. The money raised will help fund cancer research and provide support to families who have a loved one battling cancer. Through this campaign, students learned the value of giving back to others and supporting the greater good—an opportunity that, simply put, is priceless.​