As the district continues to grow, staff members are working hard each day to make sure schools are positive and healthy learning environments. Whether it's improving learning spac​es by enlarging rooms, adding technological advancements, or improving the integrity of the buildings themselves by renovating the roofs, walls and floors, Blue Valley values the importance of the quality of its schools and facilities.

The district was recognized for its indoor air quality (IAQ) management program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the first-ever Sustained Mentorship Award. This award was given to Blue Valley in recognition of the contributions the district has made to mentor other school districts in the Midwest and around the country with school IAQ.


Service RFPs are for public consumption and available to be reviewed by any potential vendor. RFPs will be listed for 15 days but may be canceled or amended at any time leading up to the formal opening date within the proposal. Contact information, submission instructions, opening date and other important information can be found within the document. The district is not responsible for any proposal not delivered on time, per the instructions contained within each RFP document.


References and Past Performance
Firms must provide a current list of client references and provide evidence of cost control and schedule compliance on similar projects. Firms must also demonstrate recent and successful interactions with the local jurisdictional agencies.

Experience with Blue Valley Schools
Firms should be able to effectively demonstrate a thorough understanding of district and school operations. For new buildings, firms should have relevant and recent project experience with the district. For other projects, at a minimum, firms should have relevant and recent project experience.

Design and Project Methodology
Firms must be able to effectively demonstrate a history of quality design work on similar projects. Quality of work includes, but is not limited to, satisfaction of clients for building's intended use, effective and pleasing design solutions, and minimal change orders on previous work as a result of high quality construction documents.

Staffing and Personnel
Firms will be evaluated on the strengths of individuals as well as the overall team proposed for the project. Firms should demonstrate a commitment to devote the right personnel for the duration of the project as requested by the district.

Capacity to Perform the Work
Firms should demonstrate that they can adequately staff the job. Firms must provide a list of current projects and commitments. It is preferable if firms are able to demonstrate an active leadership role in advancing the professional knowledge base of K-12 design and construction.​​


Elementary School #23
The last new facility and major project to be completed from the 2005 bond program, Wolf Springs Elementary, is located at Grant and 178th Street and will open for the 2017-18 school year housing early childhood through grade 5 students.


Facility Re-Investment
A large portion of the 2012 bond program is earmarked toward existing facilities. Continued re-investment in our buildings and their systems is needed to maintain exceptional learning environments for our students.

Building Exterior Maintenance
The district operates and maintains more than four million square feet at 34 schools. Many of these buildings will be more than 25 years old during the term of the bond program. To ensure these buildings continue to be exceptional learning environments for students, routine and preventative maintenance must occur. The bond provides for the replacement of aging roofs, wall systems, windows and exterior doors.

Paving Replacements
Replacement of concrete and asphalt surfaces will begin this summer. Projects will include curb and sidewalk replacement, parking lot resurfacing or replacement. Completing this preventative maintenance will ensure safe outdoor spaces for our students, staff and patrons.

HVAC Replacements
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that function properly and efficiently are key to providing excellent indoor air quality for students and staff. The bond program provides for the replacement of several HVAC systems and upgrades to others because they are nearing the end of their life cycle.

Interior Lighting Replacements
The bond program provides for the replacement of aging lighting systems that will improve the quality of light, increase the efficiency and create energy savings.

Library Media Space Reconfigurations
Libraries have changed in the 21st century. With the emergence of easily accessed electronic resources, the need for more flexible learning spaces has increased. Library media space reconfigurations will allow the district to meet the changing learning needs of our students. Specific projects include presentation and collaboration areas, movable shelving systems and electrical upgrades to accommodate new technology.

Flooring Replacements
Blue Valley maintains more than four million square feet of flooring at 34 school facilities across the district. The bond program provides for the replacement of carpet, tile and other flooring surfaces. New technologies in flooring products, including carpet tiles and longer lasting flooring products will create operating efficiencies and provide safer surfaces for students and staff.

A portion of the bond program provides school safety enhancements across the district.

Fire alarms
The bond program installs state-of-the-art fire protection systems as current fire alarm systems become outdated, reach the end of their useful life and need to be replaced.

Exterior lighting
The bond program provides motion sensor lighting on all elementary playgrounds and will allow security lighting upgrades on a priority need basis for all school campuses.

Elementary student pick-up and drop-off
The bond program provides for the addition of railing systems that improve safety by managing pedestrian/vehicular interaction at pick-up and drop-off times. The system will help create better organization and additional hard surfaces at student pick-up and drop-off areas.

Secure school entrance
The bond program provides secured school entrances ensuring that all school visitors check in at the office before accessing the rest of the school. The reconfiguration of main entrances will also allow more visibility from school offices to the approach of school buildings. Additional cameras will be installed in schools that need updated cameras to improve clarity and reliability of images.

The bond program provides playground safety improvements at nearly every elementary school. This includes motion sensor lighting, security cameras on playgrounds and improved playground surfaces as necessary. The new playground surfaces will provide excellent fall protection and lower annual maintenance and material costs.

Early Childhood Center
In April 2012, the school district used bond funds to acquire an existing facility and 51-acre property located near 69 Highway, north of 143rd Street in the heart of the district. This facility, known as Hilltop Campus, opened in the summer of 2014 and currently houses the district's existing Early Childhood Special Education and Parents as Teachers programs, provides much needed professional development space and accommodates many of our Student Services team members.​​​​​​​​​​​