The Finance Department oversees a total expenditure budget of $379,773,494 for the 2018-19 school year. This includes total operating budgets of $200,496,029, other special revenue funds, debt and capital funds​. The district staff and Board of Education take very seriously the responsibility of using tax dollars efficiently and in a way that best benefits the classroom learning experience.​​​

FINANCIAL FACTS 2018-19 (estimated)

General fund budget (with LOB): $168,611,090
Total budgeted funds: $379,773,494
Teaching salary range: $42,100-$77,700
Total assessed valuation: $3,164,075,280
Bonded indebtedness: $395,355,031
Mill Levy: 65.028

FINANCIAL FACTS 2017-18 (actuals)

Per pupil annual expenditure - operating funds: $8,248 (See calculation)