Todd-White.jpgI am truly humbled and honored to be the next superintendent of Blue Valley Schools.

​We have an immensely talented group of people who make up Blue Valley Schools and who are key to the organization's success. I look forward to new opportunities with our teachers, administrators and support staff to take Blue Valley to the next level.

Since the superintendent announcement in mid-February, I have spent time learning more about Blue Valley—its staff, students, families and community—by asking questions, and perhaps, more importantly, by listening. I have sought information and understanding that can be summed up in three general themes.

  • What makes us Blue Valley? What do we do as a district and community that shapes who we are? What are the practices and traditions we should grow and protect?
  • What do we need to do to improve? Where are opportunities for future growth? If you dream big, dream beyond our current capabilities, what opportunities do you see?
  • Knowing that there are things we do well and want to continue, and being cognizant that there are opportunities to expand beyond our current capabilities, what are we willing to place at a lower priority? Where should we focus our time and talents?

From listening to our business and community leaders, parents, staff and students in every building, I am hearing what your hopes and dreams are for the future of Blue Valley. The community has told me that it is important to respect the past and the district's current strategic plan. Our parents have shared that they value our goals of academic success and personal growth, but also want more for their children. They want them to be good people. When their children graduate, parents want them to possess the Four C's—creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Our business and community leaders have shared that the district adds value to their companies because people are drawn to communities with strong schools. These leaders say that strong schools are about more than high achievement and unique programs. It is the commitment of the district and community to be innovative, constantly looking for ways to improve, which sets the stage for exciting possibilities in the future.

What I am hearing excites me. Blue Valley is truly a special place because of the engaged, forward looking community. Over the next year, I will continue to ask questions and listen as we plan and look forward to the future.

Have a great summer. See you in the 2016-17 school year!

Todd White, Ed.D.