​The Blue Valley School District is committed to promoting and fostering a safe environment in and around all of our schools. Through the convergence of physical and intellectual security measures, we are continuously working to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from a wide range of emergencies.



Fostering Trusted Adult Relationships with Students
Past incidents of school violence have revealed a perception on the part of many perpetrators that no one was interested or cared about them. All school employees are asked to participate in ensuring that no student is without a trusted adult to whom they can turn for help or to communicate information pertaining to the safety of his or her school.

Making School a Safe Haven for Students
Past incidents of school violence also revealed that perpetrators felt bullied, persecuted or injured by others. All school employees are encouraged to create an atmosphere of kindness, respect and fairness in every school building and be a safe harbor for all students, especially those who are experiencing turmoil at home and among their peers.

Identifying, Assessing and Managing Potentially Violent Individuals
Taken from the Secret Service playbook, this strategy asks that everyone participates​ in identifying and reporting any statement or behavior of an individual which is suggestive of future violent action. Building administrators are responsible for ensuring that an individual who has exhibited threatening or other concerning behavior is effectively assessed regarding his or her potential for violent activity. Appropriate steps can be taken to safeguard the school environment by managing the individual in accordance with the findings of the assessment.​​


Police, Fire, Medical Emergency - 911
Johnson County Sheriff (Non-Emergency) - (913) 782-0720
Leawood Police (Non-Emergency) - (913) 642-5555
Olathe Police (Non-Emergency) - (913) 782-0720
Overland Park Police (Non-Emergency) - (913) 895-6300​