A sharp focus on students, a clear vision for academic and personal growth, and community insight to illuminate the path to excellence - these key ingredients make up the heart of Blue Valley Schools' 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, Vision 2020. Built upon the successes of the previous strategic plan—a plan that has guided the district toward extraordinary achievement and established a thriving culture of collaboration and excellence—Vision 2020 serves as the lens through which Blue Valley Schools approaches its mission of unprecedented academic success and unparalleled personal growth for every student.

Vision 2020 began with more than 150 parents, teachers, students, administrators, elected officials, and business and community leaders coming together for an evening full of discussion about the state of the district, ambitions for the future and the challenges that may lie ahead.

From these rich discussions, the Board of Education and the district's senior leadership team formulated the plan summarized in this document. Vision 2020 is highlighted by the following:

  • This plan is focused on a district-wide systemic effort.
  • Annually, Blue Valley's executive leadership team will develop action plans around the items that must happen in order to move the plan forward.
  • District staff will continue to revisit this plan with further refinements and additions to the performance indicators and benchmarks.

Through targeted measures and strategic initiatives, Vision 2020 remains committed to maintaining and exceeding the course of excellence established by the previous plan. Most importantly, Vision 2020 will continue to embrace the uniqueness of each student through personalized student learning. With a clear focus and vision for the future, the district is extremely excited about what this plan holds for Blue Valley Schools.​