The district has a longstanding commitment to ensuring the use of technology as an integral part of district curriculum and instruction. A key component to ensuring this integration is providing teachers the necessary professional development to allow for seamless technology use in the classroom. Blue Valley’s efforts to integrate technology into the classroom and provide teachers the knowledge they need to make this a success has won the district national recognition. For six of the last eight years, Blue Valley has been named one of the Top 10 Digital Districts in the country by the National School Board Association and The Center for Digital Education, a recognition received more times than any other district in the country.


Innovation Spaces redesigns the classroom around technology so teachers can deliver engaging and relevant learning opportunities for students. It allows teachers to design their own learning environments around technology. Personal and collaborative devices, software and apps are integrated into a project-based curriculum so students can go deeper into subject areas, direct their own learning and provide feedback to teachers. The initial pilot program consisted of 30 classrooms in five elementary schools. The program has grown to include more than 400 classrooms and programs district-wide​.​​