1. Open Wi-Fi Settings to view available Wi-Fi networks and connect to the BV Wi-Fi network.
  2. Once connected, access the login page (this may open automatically). If the login page is not available, open your web browser and try to visit a website.
  3. Enter your Blue Valley compu​ter login username and password (the same as your login to Blue Valley school computers), check the box to accept the terms of use and tap the login button.
  4. The device can now access the Internet and apps.

* Network login is only required once per school year, the device will connect automatically in the future.

Android Device wifiApp.jpg

Apple Device wifiApp.jpg

Windows Device wifiApp.jpg ​​​​​​​


Android Device

  1. Download the Outlook for Android app from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the Outlook for Android app and either tap the navigation control at the bottom of the device or tap More > Settings > Add Account.​
  3. Select Office 365.
  4. Enter your full email address (example@bluevalleyk12.net) and password. Then tap Sign in.
  5. Select Yes to let the app access your information and syncing will begin.​​
  6. View calendar, files and contacts by tapping More.
  7. Learn more about the app by tapping either the navigation control at the bottom of the device or More > Help.
  8. To set up email without using the Outlook for Android app click here and enter "Set up email on an Android phone or tablet" in the search bar.


Apple Device

  1. Open Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.​​​
  2. Tap Exchange​.
  3. Leave the Domain field empty (if visible). Complete the Email, Username and Passwordfields. The Em​ail and Username fields require the full email address (example@bluevalleyk12.net). Modify the Description field if desired.
  4. Tap Next in the upper-right corner and syncing will begin.
    • If the settings cannot be found and you are connecting to your Office 365 email account enter the server name outlook.office365.com in the Server field, full email address in the Username field and tap Next in the upper-right corner.
  5. Choose the information you want to sync and tap Save. By default, Mail, Contacts and Calendars are all synced.​


Personal PC/Laptop

  1. Open Internet Browser.​​​
  2. Type http://o365.bluevalleyk12.org in the address bar and the normal Email Login will open.
  3. Sign in using your full Student Email Address and Password (the same as your login to Blue Valley school computers).
  4. When accessing Office 365 for the first time, a prompt will require setting Language (English) and Time Zone (UTC-06:00 Central Time US & Canada).
  5. Once signed in, a "Mail" icon will appear with all other "a​pps."