Blue Valley Schools Food & Nutrition Services' meal program serves appealing, reasonably priced meals to your child and to all the students in Blue Valley schools (eligible students may receive meals free or at a reduced price). Meals are planned by the Director of Food & Nutrition Services, with assistance from cafeteria managers and input from students. All meals meet the criteria and regulations of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Kansas State Department of Education. Extra effort is made to provide low fat alternatives and to keep the average of calories from saturated fat below 10 percent.


Nutritious free meals are available for children 18 and younger at many locations throughout the summer. Visit the national Summer Food Service Program website for more information.


All Blue Valley schools provide breakfast, which includes choice of one entree plus fruit or juice and milk. Breakfast is available for any student who is at school early for before school events.


  • All schools participate in the National School Lunch Program.
  • A student lunch includes a choice of entree, self-serve sides (fruits and vegetables), milk and juice. Learn more with t​his helpful sign.
  • All schools participate in offer versus serve, allowing students to choose which items they would like to take or decline.
  • A student must choose 1/2 c. fruit or vegetable serving with two other food groups (protein, grain, dairy, vegetable) to be charged for a student meal.
  • If a student does not take the required number of items to make a meal, the meal may cost more than the student meal price because each item will be charged at A la carte prices.
  • Total fat averages no more than 30 percent of calories over the week.
  • Saturated fat averages no more than 10 percent of calories over the week.
  • Students may select second entrees, or "doubles," as they come through the line. Additional entrees are charged at A la carte prices.
  • Skim chocolate, skim white and 1 percent white milks are available.
  • 100 percent juice selections include orange, apple, grape and fruit punch.
  • Additional juice and milk may be purchased at A la carte prices.
  • Adults are welcome to join us any time for lunch. The adult and guest meal price is $3.65.


Bosco Stick
A warm and crusty breadstick stuffed with 1 oz. of 100% mozzarella cheese made by Bosco's Pizza Co. Served as an entree at lunch with Popcorn Chicken.

Harvest Bar
Harvest Bars are self-served by students and include side items listed on the lunch menu as well as several additional fresh fruit and fresh vegetable items currently in season. We require our cafeterias to offer the students three fresh fruit choices, fresh hand cut romaine salad and four fresh vegetable choices each day.


USDA science-based nutrition standards called Smart Snacks in School have been implemented. These standards apply to all foods and beverages sold to students during the school day, in and outside of the school meal programs, including vending machines, A la carte, school stores and fundraising. With the Smart Snacks guidelines, students are well on their way to being healthy, well-nourished and all around better learners. Learn more about Smart Snacks here.​​


Click here for more information about menu ingredient information.


All schools maintain a closed lunch period which requires all students to remain in the building. School meal prices are as follows:

Elementary - $2.70 lunch, $1.45 breakfast
Middle School - $2.85 lunch, $1.55 breakfast​
High School - $2.85 lunch, $1.55 breakfast
Premium Meal (high school only) - $3.25 lunch
Reduced - $0.40 lunch, $0.30 breakfast
Adult - $3.65 lunch, $1.80​ breakfast
Milk - $0.55

A la carte items are available in middle and high schools only and are purchased separate from the regular student meal. Learn more about middle school and high school A la carte pricing.


Students from families whose income is at or below the level shown on the income guidelines below may be eligible for either free or reduced-price meals. Reduced-price meals are 40 cents per lunch or 30 cents per breakfast. All students are treated the same, regardless of ability to pay. In the operation of the school lunch programs, no child will be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, national origin, age or handicap.

Eligible families may apply for meal benefits online at EZMealapp.com beginning July 9. A new completed application must be submitted at the beginning of every school year. The identity of students who receive free or reduced price lunch is confidential. Please contact Bobbi Epperson and include a current address if a hard copy application is prefered.

2018-19 Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines​
Household size Yearly Monthly Weekly
2 30,451
3 38,443
4 46,435
5 54,427
6 62,419
7 70,411
8 78,403
Each additional person: 7,992


Account payments made through the online payment system (ParentVue) are applied shortly after to the student's account. If you are new to ParentVue, contact your school office to learn how to get started.

Once logged in, payments are made under ‘Fee’ on the navigation bar. The system accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover and e-checks. Parents may also sign up for account balance email notifications or view a 30 day account history under 'Lunch Information' on the navigation bar. Instructions to make an online payment are available here.

The current minimum payment online meal payment is $30. To place a lower amount on your student's meal account, send a check or cash with your student. Make checks out to BV Food, including your student's name in the memo line. Seal all cash payments in an envelope and label with BV Food and your student's name.

Computerized point of sale
Student meal accounts are debit accounts and should always maintain a positive balance from which purchases are deducted. Accounts may be set up to allow only one meal per day, without snack or A la carte items being purchased. Dollar amount limits to be spent on A la carte purchases each day can also be set. These options need to be discussed with the school's food service manager.

A 30-day account history is available online and shows payments, lunches and extra food items purchased. If you do not have an account for the online payment system or cannot remember your username or password, please contact your oldest child's school. For extended account histories (beyond 30 days) call the Food & Nutrition Services office at (913) 239-4062 to request a copy. Please include your student's name and school in your request.

Student access
Elementary students can access their meal account by:

  • Plastic cards - Cards are kept on a rack in the cafeteria and collected as students go to the cashier.
  • Keypads - Students enter their student ID number and the cashier rings in the sale. In order to keep students from using other students' accounts, the cashier will ensure the student's account photo matches.

Middle and high school students can access their meal account by:

  • Keypads - Students enter their student ID number and the cashier rings in the sale. In order to keep students from using other students' accounts, the cashier will ensure the student's account photo matches. Food & Nutrition Services may require positive identification if a student is suspected of using another number.

Insufficient funds

  • Elementary - Students receive account balance reminder slips when their account falls below $15. Students with a negative lunch account balance may NOT purchase seconds, doubles or other A la carte items.
  • Middle - Students are reminded of their account balance daily and must have funds on their account or cash when coming through the lunch line. Students will not be allowed to charge meals on another student's account. Students with a negative balance will NOT be allowed to purchase anything but a regular meal.
  • High - Students are reminded of their account balance daily and must have funds on their account or cash when coming through the lunch line. Students will not be allowed to charge meals on another student's account. Students with a negative balance will NOT be allowed to purchase unless they have cash.


Meal modifications can be made for any student with a prescription from a licensed physician (MD or DO), physician's assistant (PA) or advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP):

  • To accommodate a disability
  • Due to food allergy​
  • Other medical conditions that do​ not rise to the level of a disability
  • Milk substitutions for fluid cow's milk due to food allergy or other medical​ reasons

The Medical Statement to Request School Meal Modification form is required before a student can be provided a substitute to the standard meal option. Accounts cannot be flagged to warn cashiers of an allergy until the form has been completed and returned to Mary Rondon in ​the Food & Nutrition office at 14950 Metcalf Avenue or via email. A short note on a prescription pad is not acceptable. A guardian's signature is also required before the form can be accepted. If a student's diet changes, please complete the Discontinuation of Meal Modifications or Fluid Cow's Milk Substitution form.

Please contact Mary Rondon, registered dietitian, with questions and concerns.​​​

We are committed to providing an allergy friendly dining experience, however, ingredients and nutritional content of food items served in cafeterias may vary. In addition, manufacturers may change product formulation or consistency of ingredients without the district's knowledge and product availability may fluctuate. It is Blue Valley Schools' policy to label all allergens even if the label only has a cautionary statement. While every effort is made to identify ingredients, it is not possible to assure against these contingencies. I​t is ultimately​ the responsibility of the student or guardian to determine whether or not menu items should be consumed. Food & Nutrition Services cannot guarantee the safety of students with life-threatening allergies.​​


If the student has an​ account balance and siblings remain in the district, the account balance will be transferred to the account of a sibling. If there is no sibling in the district, balances of $5 or more will automatically be refunded by check and mailed to the family address. If the account balance is less than $5, the balance will be refunded upon request. Requests for balances less than $5 can be made by contacting the Food & Nutrition office, visiting the school cafeteria manager or having the student visit with the cafeteria manager. The request for refunds less than $5 must be made within 30 days after the last day the student is in attendance.


Policies & Procedures
A permit is required to use the school food service facilities. Permits are obtained by contacting the Facility Scheduling Department.

​Pot luck or covered dish
When an organization brings prepared foods in serving dishes ready for guests to serve themselves, Food & Nutrition Services assumes no responsibility for quality, sanitation and/or wholesomeness of items. Serving utensils and containers are the total responsibility of the individual or organization providing the food. Use of kitchen facilities (ovens, warmers, serving line, dishwasher, etc.) requires the presence of a food service staff member. The cost to you for a food service staff will be a minimum charge of $2​0 per hour.

Catered meals by Food & Nutrition Services
A variety of menus have been developed to meet the needs of schools and/or organizations. If the menus do not meet your needs, please contact Food & Nutrition Services for a customized menu. It is recommended that one person from your group be responsible for contacting the department or school about events. Catering arrangements need to be made at least three weeks in advance of the event and final numbers must be turned into the site manager 48 hours prior to the event. Catering arrangements can be made through the Food & Nutrition Services office, (913) 239-4532 or catering@bluevalleyk12.org. Please refer to the catering guide for additional information. You will be billed for refreshments, catering and labor hours, where applicable. There is a $30 minimum order (or other minimum where specified).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​




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