Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Block 1                                    9:00-10:10
Breakfast Break                      10:10-10:20
Block 2                                  10:25-11:35
Lunch                                    11:35-12:00
Block 3                                    12:05-1:15
Team Time                               1:17-1:33
Block 4                                      1:35-2:50  


Block 1                                      9:00-9:55
Breakfast Break                        9:55-10:05
Block 2                                  10:10-11:05
Lunch                                      1:05-11:35
Block 3                                  11:40-12:35
Block 4                                    12:40-1:45
Required Academic Time         1:50-2:50


Required Academic Time is an academic intervention to support successful completion of assigned classwork. Teachers communicate with students every Thursday to determine required attendance.

Assigned students not in attendance will be considered as skipping class and be assigned an all-day academic intervention. Students in good standing in all classes have earned the privilege to leave campus at 1:45 and are not required to stay for the remainder of the day.



BVSD offers a free shuttle bus between each of the BV high schools.


Morning Departure:        8:40 AM
Arrival at BVA:                8:55 AM
Afternoon Departure:       2:25 PM
Arrival at HS                    2:45 PM



BVA provides an incentive which determines if a student takes final exams and is dependent on the overall cumulative academic success and attendance of the individual student for the current term.

Grade Incentive

  • Any class with a grade of A is an automatic exemption from taking the final for that class (attendance does not matter).
  • Students with grades of B or better in ALL classes may choose one final to waive (attendance does not matter).

Attendance Incentive
If a student is absent no more than 5 Days or 5 Blocks in any one course during the current 9 week term, the Academy philosophically agrees that the student has demonstrated successful change. Thus, the student will be able to choose ONE final to be waived in any class with a grade of B or better. Note:​

  • All absences, excused and unexcused, count
  • Any unexcused RAT absence counts as 1 day of absence
  • Any 3 tardies to school or an individual class counts as 1 day of absence

Finals occur at the end of each term. The finals schedule is posted on the BVA Calendar. Finals will not be given early. Students unable to take a final according to schedule will need to contact the principal for approval.

Kansas Compulsory Attendance Statutes
Regular attendance is required of all students enrolled in elementary and secondary schools under Kansas compulsory attendance statutes (KSA 72-1113). It is a parental responsibility under Kansas statutes (KSA 72-1113) to require the regular school attendance "of any child who has reached the age of seven years and is under the age of eighteen years," unless the child is exempted by statute.

If a student is absent from school, a parent is asked to call the Attendance Office at (913) 239-4529 before 9:00 a.m. or as soon as possible on the day of the absence. If there has been no contact with the school, BVA will make every attempt to contact a parent or guardian when a student is absent and/or tardy. The absence or tardy will be recorded as unexcused until the reason for the absence is communicated by the parent.

Excused Reasons for Absences
The State of Kansas delegates, to the Board of Education, the responsibility of determining excusable reasons for absence. Per delegation of the Board of Education, the administration of Blue Valley Academy has designated an attendance policy which meets the needs of students, parents, and faculty. The following are excusable reasons for absences, only school officials can determine acceptability and validity of an absence:

  • Student illness (a physician's note will be required for chronic absenteeism/development of absentee patterns).
  • Illness or death in the family (mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, death of a friend).
  • Medical and dental appointments which can be verified. Doctor verification is to be submitted to the Attendance Clerk upon return to school, even if it is the next day.
  • Emergencies requiring a student's service or presence at home that can be verified.
  • Obligatory religious observances of the student's own faith.
  • Family vacation and family business arranged in advance with school administration and class assignments arranged in advance and due upon return or upon a date agreed upon by the teacher and student.
  • Participation in a school approved student activity.

The school administration may, with due notice to the student and parent, require verification from a physician for absence due to reasons of health.

Students must always sign out through the office when leaving school and must sign back in on their return.

Unexcused Absences
A student who is absent from class or school without an excusable reason, as outlined above, will be considered unexcused and will be referred to the principal. Some examples of unexcused reasons may include: oversleeping, missing your ride to school, car not starting, shopping, paying fines, errands, and studying.

Attendance Letters
Blue Valley Academy believes communication is key. Attendance letters are sent home to inform parents/guardians of student attendance concerns. Our program is designed to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed academically and socially. Regular school attendance is vital to achieve this goal. A letter will be mailed home at 3 absences or tardies. A second letter mailed at 4 absences or tardies and requires a parent conference to develop an individual plan. A third letter at 5 absences or tardies notifies parents that their student no longer meets the attendance incentive and will be required to take finals.

Attendance Probation Status
After being placed on probation, if the student's attendance does not improve, they may be denied entrance into the Academy program for the next semester.

Students are expected to be in class at the start time of each class. Teachers will determine the acceptability of excuses offered by the student when late to class. Excessive unexcused tardies will be referred to the principal. If a student is tardy to school they must sign in through the office upon entering the building.

Leaving During the School Day
Appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day if possible. Students needing to leave school for an excusable reason, must furnish advanced parental verification to the school to be released from class and then check out through the office. If the student returns to school the same day, they must check in through the office. Any student who leaves the building for any reason must furnish a parental request in advance. BVA has a closed lunch schedule, all students are expected to stay on campus during lunch.​​