Service Community Service has been a great way for our students to grow and understand the value of giving back and helping our fellow community members.  We are proud of our students who dedicate themselves to serving.  

All service hours for this current year must be completed between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020.  Please submit your info on this form: BVN COMMUNITY SERVICE,  If you need a starting point for the required document that must be uploaded (instructions in the google form), you may use the following template: Community Service Hours Template DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS APRIL 3. 

Students who earn more than 100 hours during the service year will receive a certificate of recognition from the school.   Blue Valley School District is focusing on making a meaningful impact in the community.  



In the Blue Valley School District, we follow the basic criteria below: 

·        Awards are issued for volunteer service only; charitable support (financial donation) is not a factor considered for the award.

·        Court-ordered community service does not qualify for the award.

·        There is no financial award for the performance of community service.

There is such a wide range of activities that qualify as community service it is difficult to produce an exhaustive list. The final decision about what types of activities will and will not qualify will be left to the discretion of the activities principal.


For activities to qualify as volunteer service they should:

·        Be for the benefit of others.

·        Give service to an area in need.

·        Not involve payment.

Volunteer service activities may be:

·        School-oriented, community-oriented, or faith-based oriented.

·        Performed during school hours or outside of school hours.

·        Direct (one-on-one with a person or persons) or indirect (such as a food drive).

Activities that do not qualify as community service include:

·        Activities that are part of a student's normal academic day (i.e., participating in the school play or playing in the school band).

·        Belonging to an organization (i.e., Cub Scouts or Brownies) or participation in school clubs or other extracurricular activities.  However, if the student participates in a qualifying volunteer service project as part of that group, those hours could be counted.

·        Activities that are performed as part of the "family unit" (i.e., babysitting siblings, grocery shopping, gardening, washing the car, etc.).

·        Personal enrichment activities (i.e., dance lessons, cooking class, community play, etc.).  However, if a student gives free dance lessons to others, participates in a community play for the purpose of entertaining senior citizens, etc., these hours may be counted.

·        Travel time.

Contact Mrs Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant Student Services with questions.​​​​​​

Join the Mustang Community Service Club.  Contact Presidents: 
Sophie Galan (