To prepare our students to excel now and in the future


BVW is a community:

  • that establishes a positive, student-centered, safe learning environment.
  • that holds high expectations for academics, achievement, behavior, and citizenship.
  • that embraces diversity and values individuality.
  • that focuses on building positive relationships between students, staff and parents.
  • that develops leadership, innovation, work ethic, and grit.
  • in which all stake-holders work collaboratively and hold each other accountable.
  • that fosters school pride and celebrates spirit.
  • that is committed to the personal growth of every student.
  • where students and staff are actively engaged learners and problem solvers who give their best effort at all times.


We will:

  • be committed to collaborating and working as a team to achieve every aspect of the BVW vision.
  • maintain open lines of communication between each other and with the parents of our students.
  • hold high expectations for ourselves as well as our students.
  • create and maintain a positive, supportive, and safe learning environment.
  • always act with respect and integrity.
  • identify and meet the unique needs of every child.
  • honor our students and each other with our best effort every day.
  • include community members and resources to enhance learning.
  • take pride in our community and celebrate our successes.
  • respect and embrace diversity.
  • be actively engaged in professional learning, open to new ideas, willing to implement what we learn, and innovative in our approach.​