Ordering Items

Pre-order Your School Supplies & PE Uniforms for the 2019-2020 School Year!

For your convenience, you may choose to pre-order your bundled school supplies and PE uniforms from Educational Products, Inc. (EPI). Please see the attached documents.  You will place your order(s) with EPI and pay them directly.  School supply orders are due June 15th.   PE uniforms must be ordered by July 12thAll orders will be mailed directly to OTMS and distributed at Falcon Takeoff on August 7th or on the first day of school.

In order to keep the costs of school supplies down, we will supplement your student's supply needs with additional items as needed.  The bundled supplies do NOT include materials for elective classes as this will vary per individual student.  Additional items such as a backpack, optional locker shelf (limit to one 12" shelf), and optional wireless mouse for the Chromebook are your responsibility.  Please see the attached elective school supply list for more information.  Finally, all students are required to take 1 semester of PE so place your order now.     

Documents for 2019- 2020 School Year

2019_2020 OTMS School Supply Online Ordering.pdf

OTMS PE Uniform Order Information.pdf

Elective School Supplies 2019-2020.pdf

6th grade Enrollment Forms.pdf

7th Grade Enrollment Forms.pdf

8th Grade Enrollment Forms.pdf